Planning Your CLAW Nation Event

Here are some answers to frequently asked event planning questions. Please read through these carefully, then complete our CLAW Nation Event Registration Form.



We do ads and publicity for the tour regularly.  National publicity includes that your event will be listed on RECON and with all the CLAW Nation events.  If we get your party at least 2 months in advance, it will also be advertised in the Leather Journal online.  There will be a listing in RECON's Events that will list your event and have a link back to the CLAW Nation Website to promote your tour.  The parties will also be featured in Mr. S Leather's e-blasts (40,000 subscribers) and CLAW's e-blasts (5,500+ subscribers).


If you decide to hold a CLAW Nation Event, we can design an ad for you or you can design your own with our CLAW Nation Sponsor banner on it.  The sooner you let us know the date and location of your party, the more we can help you have a successful event. In general, it is better to let us know about your party at least two months in advance so you get the full benefit of our network.



You decide which charities benefit from your party. Money designated to CLAW will help CLAW's national leather charities, including the Leather Archives & Museum. A portion of money donated to CLAW may also be used to cover administrative costs of CLAW operations. Parties may also benefit local AIDS, GLBT and other community service charities in the areas where the parties are held.

Please note that because of tax laws, CLAW Nation can't raise money for titleholder travel funds, leather contests or other organizations unless they are registered 501(c)3 charities with the IRS.


Procedures For Money Raised:

All the proceeds from your party must be sent to CLAW by you. We will then distribute that money according to your wishes from the CLAW bank account. Money raised for CLAW will be distributed by the CLAW Board of Directors. Together, we are building a national leather charity. (See our Contact Us page for the mailing address of your funds.)


Fundraising Ideas:

You may choose any methods of fundraising you like for your party. Some examples are door donations, basket auctions, silent auctions, live auctions, crotch to floor raffle ticket sales for prizes or 50/50, jello shots, boot blacks, fetish related activity (clothespins - spanking - jail & bail - food, electro, etc), sponsorships, advertising, etc.


Merchandise & Prizes:

You are responsible for getting your own prizes for any auction or raffle you want to hold. CLAW will provide a supply of tour t-shirts and CLAW hankies plus two Complimentary CLAW Weekend Basic (non-meal) Package Certificates for you to use at your party. Recon will provide a one 1-year premium membership worth $80. Other tour sponsors have provided CDs, DVDs, lube samples, etc.


Sponsorships & Advertising Rates:

Recon and Mr-S-Leather are Master Sponsors of CLAW Nation, plus several yearly Gold Sponsors. If you know someone who would like to be a sponsor of the tour, please refer to the sponsorship rates on the CLAW Nation Sponsorship page of our website.

You may also sell sponsorships or advertising for your individual party on any terms you like.



We need you to make certain short announcements about our sponsors at your party. We will send you the script for these announcements before your party.


Creating An Ad For Your Party:

The sooner you have an ad for your party, the sooner we can post it to our website and to our sponsor's website. The ad can be any size and any design you like.

Here are some requirements and requests for your ad:

  • CLAW Nation Logo and Sponsor Banner: Please include the banner in the design of your ad. (See below)
  • CLAW Nation and sponsor logos are available for use on your advertisements. (See Sponsor's page)
  • CLAW Information: We would like (but do not require) you to include any of the following information in the fine print of your ad:
    • The CLAW Nation banner.
    • CLAW is 100% non-profit and has donated over $690,000 to community charities.
    • CLAW 17 is April 27-30, 2017 in Cleveland, OH.
    • Our websites:
    • and tagline: - a national leather charity.

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